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An idea born from experience

Outside Germany we managing proudly the sales and distribution of:HK® Planierhobel

Contact us if you are a interested to be a dealer! vertieb(at)

Power of impact of the highest standard
The HK Grader can be used to maintain and construct water-bound paths, tracks, trails, cycle paths, construction roads, promenades or tow paths in a cost-effective and powerful way. It is suited for the spreading and levelling of various bulk materials such as gravel, grit, coarse gravel or sand.

Operating mode
While driving, for example on a track, excess material or material just placed before is collected and fills the U-shaped frame of the grader. In the further course, this material fills existing holes and unevennesses and is then levelled and reconsolidated by the HARDOX Scraper bar at the rear of the grader. Now the path is levelled and reconsolidated.

The machine collects just as much material as needed, reducing the fuel consumption of the tractor.

The special U-shape of the HK Grader prevents the material from ridging at the sides and ensures that it remains where it belongs.


The HK Grader is easily operated from out of the tractor via remote control. The hydraulic adjustment units provide continuous setting of the bulk material quantity to be placed.

Power of impact
The high hourly output of the HK Grader ranges at approx. 1.500 to 2.000 m for maintenance works.

Thus, it facilitates a powerful and cost-effective use to repair new damages to roads quickly.

Material can easily and quickly be applied and distributed on a path by means of the HK Grader.

A distributor shield, running diagonally in the U-shaped frame, distributes the bulk material so that for example shoulders can quickly be filled.

Straight crossfall
The single-wheel suspension facilitates a precise, clean straight crossfall for a quick drainage of surface water.


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